Posted on August 5, 2011 at 4:53 am

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Nelly Furtado and Josh

Before you jump to conclusions, no Josh is not the name of a rumored boyfriend of Nelly Furtado.  Rather, I’m talking about JoSH, the Montreal-based Indian/Pakistani fusion band, whose members are comprised of Rupinder Magon (“Rup”) and Qurram Hussain (“q”)!

Earlier today, Nelly Furtado tweeted the world about JoSH’s brand new video for S.I.N.G (Songs Inspired by the Need to Give), which is their recent charity endeavor to help raise money for flood affected regions.  “From: @NellyFurtado Sent: Aug 4, 2011 8:08p Check out this track S.I.N.G. Performed by my friends Josh.”  

This project has been in the works for around a year and money raised from sales of the single will be donated to IDRF.   The boys selected IDRF due to its reputation and dedication to helping regions affected by natural disasters.  Vocals have been recorded in Urdu and Hindi in addition to English. 

Please support this cause by purchasing the track for only 99 cents! Here are the links:

Urdu/Hindi Version

English Version

For further information on JoSH, kindly visit

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