Posted on August 21, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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History unfolds in the Clash of the Titans Football Fixture

Pakistani world boxing champion Amir Khan and Indian Award Winning artist, Jaz Dhami have joined forces to show their support for the much anticipated India versus Pakistan football friendly fixture at Khan’s home turf of Bolton!

“I will be attending the Derby County fixture,” said Khan. “I will be honored with the task of bringing on the Pakistani team to show my support to this great footballing fixture, however I wish both teams the best of luck!

Jaz Dhami is just as excited about the games and the carnival atmosphere it creates.

“I am excited to get involved and support the clash of the Clash of Titans tour,” said Dhami. “India and Pakistan are primarily noted for their cricketing abilities and this tour will give the UK sports enthusiasts the opportunity to see these two big nations don their football boots and show what they have on the pitch.”

The game, held on September 3 at Derby County and September 9 in Glasgow, is governed by FIFA, The Football Association and Kick it Out.  The “Clash of the Titans” tour will set the stage for the two heavy weights to lock heads in a series of games all around the UK while bringing together two communities in the process with the power of football!  Be sure to come out for the games if you’re in the UK!

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