Posted on March 24, 2011 at 2:50 am

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Freida Pinto is the Controversial "Miral"

Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto is expanding her talent with her latest controversial role in Academy Award nominated director, Julian Schnabel’s “Miral,” which will premiere Friday, March 25th in New York and LA!

In “Miral” Pinto has been working alongside some of Hollywood’s most talented including Academy Award winning actress, Vanessa Redgrave popular for her roles in “Mission Impossible,” and “Blow Up” as well as two-time Academy Award nominee Willem Defoe! With the release of “Miral” Pinto has a chance to proves that she isn’t just a one hit wonder with her brilliant portrayal of Miral.

“Miral” is based on the autobiography of the same title by Palestinian journalist, Rula Jebreal. It is an emotional journey of a young orphaned Palestinian girl growing up in East Jerusalem where is is confronted by the effects of the occupation and the Arab-Israeli war at every turn.

Miral grows to become a politically conscious woman who joins a non-violent uprising to achieve freedom for herself and her people. The story depicts the struggle of the Palestinian youth of Miral’s generation as it returns home to Jerusalem where it all began.

Women are at the front lines in this struggle for freedom and human rights in the Middle East and Miral’s story tells the journey of three generations of Palestinian women who were predecessors to the women revolutionaries who have captured the world’s imagination on the streets of Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya.

“Miral” is not just about the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian politics but digs deeper to the emotional roads of the women who not only survive but end up defining it.

With such controversial topics involved this movie is bound to hit a few nerves. Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood Mogul and co-chairman of the Weinstein Company which is also the distributor of the movie, told The Hollywood Reporter that the controversial movie is not anti-Israeli, but “a pathway to peace and a beautiful coming-of-age story.”  He came out strongly against critics who claim the movie ‘Miral’ is anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli.

“The people who don’t want you to see the movie for political reasons are crazy or wrong,” Weinstein continued with The Hollywood Reporter at a disputed United Nations screening of the film. “I think the idea is, let there be peace.”

The film, which screened on Monday March 14, 2011 at the United Nations General Assembly Hall, faced significant protests from Jewish activist groups, as well as Israel directly, who attempted to block the screening. Since then several prominent Jewish organizations, including J-Street and Jewish Voices for Peace, have risen up and continue to support “Miral” and its filmmakers.

The makers of the movie believe that it calls for both peace and equality between the two religions and nations as it is an artistic collaboration between a Palestinian writer, Rula Jebreal and a Jewish-American Filmmaker/Artist, Julian Schnabel.

“I’m hoping that this film could in its own small way, begin a much needed national (US) conversation about this highly controversial issue,” said Schnabel at the UN General Assembly screening.

Sounds like a job for America’s most famous living painter and filmmaker!  As usual, “Miral” has Julian Schnabel’s  touching and provocative vision that will have audiences buzzing. To find out more about the film be sure to check out its website and ‘like’ it on Facebook!


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