Posted on January 30, 2011 at 12:08 am

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Filmfare's Red Carpet Fashion Do's and Don'ts!

The 56th Idea Filmfare awards was this weekend and of course we’ve got to bring out the fashion police for the red carpet event! Take a look at all the stars trying to make the red carpet work for them, because not everyone can go home with an award but at least you can look hot trying!

Amitabh Bachchan arrived with his lovely bahu, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, as always they both look proper and perfect. Aishwariya’s white sari is embroidered with crystals. Ash added simple accessories all except her glittering her jewel encrusted silver clutch. Of course, Big B is suave as ever in his all black designer suit with satin lapels and his favorite new accessory, his thick rimmed black glasses.

Bollywood’s leading icon, Yash Chopra may be pushing the years but he never misses an award show! The man is always ready with a suit, and possibly the same striped, button down shirt? Ever notice Mr. Chopra wears pretty much the same kind of outfits? I guess that’s his favorite style?

Hey! We’re not complaining, Mr. Chopra still looks like the talented legendary figure he is no matter what he’s wearing!

The young Dia Mirza was a breathe of fresh air as she brought a new twist to the traditional sari with a long sequined lace blouse! It showed off her slim figure well! Dia kept everything simple and toned down with dark accessories to match the black sari. Dia looks amazing as is, but I wish she had done something more with her hair instead of a simple pony tail, something whimsical like an up-do with soft curls would have made the dress even more elegant.

Bollywood’s sweetheart Kajol in what we can only assume is a dress? maybe it’s a tent? Who knows what happened here! The color suits Kajol and the embroidery is elegant but the dress should have been more fitted! Filmfare is a time to show off the glamorous side, This is the Filmfare Awards Kajol!! Not a beach house, sweetheart.

Never-going-to-get-old Rekha is dolled up as always. Yesteryear’s most sought after heroine dons a traditional look that is age appropriate (can you imagine Rekha in a mini dress?) The yellow and green combination is soft and summery. The shiny material and matching jewelry adds the sparkle needed for the red carpet award show. Oddly enough she looks like she just stepped off the sets of a television serial, says a lot about the small screen soap stars, no?

How can K-Jo ever go wrong? The handsome producer/director/writer/everything-else-in-between looked suave with his skinny tie and black suit. Although Karan went with a typical fancy suit, he did have on some pretty shiny shoes!

Munni a.k.a everyone’s favorite item girl Malaika Arora Khan came dressed in a sexy white dress with a slit on one side and gold embroidery on the one shoulder dress. Her gold clutch and dangling earrings giving her the sophisticated classy look. However her shoes, not so hot, she should have slipped on a pair of strappy gold stilettos that matched her bag. First rule of fashion, girls your bag should always match your shoes! Arbaaz looked handsome next to Malaika in his black suit and white button down, but that blazer looks a bit too big, no?

Looks like white is everyone’s favorite color this year! Take a look at Urmila in her gorgeous white dress, the actress practically glows! The long sleeves, high collar and long length give the dress a conservative appeal but the detailed embroidery, reflective material and Urmila’s jewel encrusted accessories bling out the dress well if I do say so myself. Urmila may not be on the big screen anymore but the actress definitely won’t let you forget her!

Vidya Balan is always known for being the fashion DON”T of Bollywood. She is a simple and sweet young girl in dire need of a stylist, but this time perhaps she isn’t a total lost cause? Vidya wore a simple black sari with a zari embroidered blouse. The outfit as a whole fit her well, made her look slim yet curvy but personally, not a big fan of that necklace. It looks like she has her bottle-cap collection hanging from her neck! Vidya should have worn better accessories to glam-i-fy (and yes I did just make that word up) her outfit to be Filmfare worthy. I do give her credit for having red nail polish to match the red border on her sari, good effort Vidya.

P.S. what is with that beaded bracelet? I hope its a religious piece of jewelry because it doesn’t match her outfit at all!

Actress Priety Zinta rocked a stunning outfit by the talented designer Manish Malhotra. Her red sari looked amazing, the velvet blouse fit well, actually maybe a bit too well? She did flash a whole lot of cleavage, I guess that’s what we call sex appeal these days. Priety still looked like a star, but red on the red carpet? Not always a great idea, we’ll let this one go since Priety works the sari so well especially with her whimsical beaded clutch.

Raveen Tandon hit the red carpet in her black and red Anarkali outfit. The outfit isn’t horrible, but it’s not exactly a memorable one either. Raveena looked sweet and wholesome. She even did a good job accessorizing: her red lipstick is questionable but her shoes look great! The new mom is a beauty as is, if only her outfit enhanced her shine instead of dimming her down, don’t you guys agree?

DaBaang Diva, Sonakshi Sinha arrived with her whole family to the star studded affair. The Sinha’s all look great! Elegant and sophisticated come to mind when you see this family. Daddy Sinha’s shiny maroon shirt adds a little color to the otherwise bland black and white suit wearing men of the industy. Momma Sinha looks proper and elegant in her white sari. Sonakshi’s green A-line dress with its flowing ruffles looked amazing on the rising starlet. Her curls and bright smile just added to the entire look, Sonakshi is a natural beauty, she seems to make looking gorgeous easy.

Funny man Chunky Pande came to the Filmfare awards, well, looking a bit funny. His slicked back hair and fitted suite make him look suave but what is with that tie! Looks like there might be cartoon characters on it? That tie is questionable but if you take away the tie Chunky looks pretty good. Do you guys agree?

The sexy Neha Dhupia didn’t look so sexy at the Filmfare awards. She usually gets it right, but even the stars make mistakes. The dress itself is quite elegant but it’s definitely NOT for Neha! The actress has such a gorgeous figure why is she hiding it in that bag with a belt? The dress actually makes the slim actress look heavier! Her hair was the only highlight of this disaster, it was different from what most stars did and made her look elegant.

Hrithik and Susanne are one of Bollywood’s sweetest married couples, it’s so sad to see them dressed like this. There is no doubt in my mind that Hrithik Roshan is in actuality a Greek God and thus always looks amazing. However the printed gray blazer and shiny dress pants? Who let him walk out of the house like that! If the blazer had been plain black all would have been forgiven, but sadly Hrithik chose gray.

Unfortunately Susanne wasn’t much help either, once again red on the red carpet, not a good idea. Priety still managed but Susanne’s bright red dress made her look like a street sign. Susanne has the figure of a model and this empire waist dress with the rouched waistline and layers of hanging material didn’t suit her figure at all! Perhaps if the top half of her dress had been more fitted instead of loosely draped she could have been saved.

Let’s not forget her red accessories, it all matched too much! She should have dazzled it up with an accent color like  silver jewelry, purse and shoes. At least her bag and shoes match, right?

Katrina Kaif arrived in yet another white outfit, what is it with the white this year?? Katrina looks stunning though, her Manish Malhotra lengha, the tan long top and white skirt covered in crystals and green gems was a work of art. Manish Malhotra’s talent shined in this outfit! It was so gorgeous Katrina didn’t even need any accessories to make it look good, but her dangling earrings and hair left in soft waves did add nicely to the entire effect.

Katrina looked like a graceful angel in this outfit, you can’t help but stare at this Bollywood starlet!

Stay tuned for more gossip from the Filmfare awards which will air Feburary 6th on Sony TV! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of all the glitz and not so glamorous outfits of Bollywood from this year’s Filmfare awards!

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