Posted on November 4, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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Want to be Parichay’s “Habibi?”

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Parichay has recently released his track entitled “Tum Habibi” featuring Joe Louis, which has already hit the #18 spot in the Buzz Asia British Charts and the #83 spot in Canadian Charts as well!

“Tum Habibi” is a track that gets your feet tapping and hips swaying, it’s an awesome dance track. It has Parichay’s signature sound: the fusion of eastern and western beats with a little bit of techno-effects blended in. The lyrics are hollow and cliche but the music composition definitely makes up for the lack of original meaning in the lyrics, (then again with the decline of soulful music, what song actually has any meaning to it at all nowadays.) “Tum Habibi” is a catchy track that you’ll have on repeat for a while.

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In case you haven’t heard of Parichay yet, he is a singer, songwriter and producer who has gained his claim to fame in the Canadian Underground Urban Asian music scene. His debut album, “No Boundaries” released in May 2009 under Times Music in the Indian-subcontinent. It was on the Top 10 Indie-Pop charts for 12 consecutive weeks, peaking at the #4 spot. Recently Parichay was signed to RDB’s label ThreeRecords and was even featured on a track in RDB’s latest album “Worldwide.”

Parichay is currently working on his second album with some amazing collaborations with RDB, Boi 1Da, RIZ, Mentor, Joe Louis, Monique, Richilous, Quinn Maybach and a few other well known artists from around the world. Parichay is also working on some Bollywood projects, including producing a remix for “Khuda Hafiz” from the movie “Mittal vs. Mittal” which stars Rohit Roy and Rituparna Sengupta and is directed by the man known for controversial movies (such as Girlfriend, released in 2004), Karan Razdan. Keep an eye out for Parichay, because slowly but surely, he is leaving his mark in the industry.

Take a listen to “Tum Habibi” and tell us what you think.

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