Posted on April 7, 2017 at 10:33 am

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Check Out Your Favourite Celebrities WhatsApp Display Pictures!

Urbanasian has shared some WhatsApp display pictures of some of your favorite celebrities.


Check them out:


 Amal Sehrawat:


Because who would not want to miss this cute casual selfie of Amal!


Ankit Gera:


Ankit looks sure a body builder in this display picture with all the muscles!


Divyajyotee Sharma:


Telly town’s Chachi is looking like a princess in this selfie!


Gunjan Utreja:


The stylish Gunjan has super optimism in his personality!


Jasmin Bhasin:


Sunkissed Jasmin for her fans! Say hello to the beauty girl!


Karan Wahi: 


It is not black and white that matters, it is the person who is looking all handsomely clad in suit behind this picture!


Mrunal Jain:


Life has pampered me with such absolute love and affection and the child in the picture is the real me, my real emotional self!


Rashami Desai:


Food for thought by Rashami on her WhatsApp Display Picture!


Shashank Vyas:


A very nice thought by Shashank on his WhatsApp display picture! Surely something to ponder on!