Posted on February 10, 2017 at 5:39 am

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#TeddyDay: Meet your dream girl's ultimate crush!

Age is just a number may not be true for most love stories but for this one it’s as true as truth can get. The older this friend is, the more he is valued. At one glance he will melt your heart and make you his forever. He’s so special that he’s got a day dedicated to his name. Teddy Day is the fourth day of the Valentine’s week which is being celebrated very enthusiastically across the globe. Even some of our favorite actresses love sharing their addiction to teddy bears. Let’s find out who these ladies are:


Helly Shah: I love teddies a lot and have almost 40 teddies in my room at my Ahmedabad house and almost 12-14 here in Bombay with me and I have a huge craze for teddies (basically soft toys) I really feel nice and something good about them when I keep them in my room with me and arrange them in proper place. I just love them a lot.

Niti Taylor: Every girl loves teddies, they always have one special one. I have a froggie bear, I can’t sleep without it and I travel everywhere with it in my suitcase! I even have a very cute neck pillow which has a giraffe on it! No matter how old am I, I carry it with me. Because I love it.

Tejasswi Prakash: I love teddies like any other girls. Whenever I go to market I keep collecting one each time. From childhood I am passionate about it. I am protective about them. I play with them whenever free and sleep with them. I pamper them and receive back the warmth which I cant express with my words.

Tanya Sharma: Teddies are part of my living since my childhood. I have nice collection of them. Got some from market and got some as gifts. I am addicted to their softness and sweetness. I sleep with them without them is really not a good night.

Mahika Sharma: I have grown up playing with teddies and I have it all till now. I dont share them with anyone. I dont love if some kids, sisters or friends visiting at home touches them. They are all mine and I’m greedy about it. I have all size of them from small to big, Mostly white, cream and brown. Well I find my dog ‘Vinnie’ a living teddy in my life.

Claudia Ciesla: I am fond of teddy and since childhood I have the habit of collecting it. I want my partner to be like a teddy with whom I can share my entire life sharing all my feelings. This teddy day I will be gifting myself a teddy which will make my list of teddies to 50.

Gehana Vasisth: Teddy plays a very important role in my life as I have a strange habit of keeping Teddy with me all the time. Be it home or away for shoot I make sure that my teddy is with me all the time. I talk to him when I am alone and share all my feelings with him.