Posted on February 13, 2017 at 5:26 am

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Shweta Rohira becomes brand ambassador of Indrani Handlooms!

Creative artist Shweta Rohira (Salman Khan’s Rakhi sister) is known for her artwork and paintings. Now the young lady has a new feather in her crown. Shweta is going to Nagpur for Handloom fair as she is the torch bearer of Indrani Handlooms. She will be also the show stopper for Indrani in a fashion show in Nagpur. This is a yearly program to bring awareness among youngsters to buy handloom silk and cotton saris or dress material as all the income that comes goes to the weavers. They will also be making a web series on this awareness programs where Shweta may be the anchor.


India has a heritage of handloom weaving that is unique and the largest anywhere in the world. But that is dying because of lack of support by Shweta Rohira becomes brand ambassador of Indrani Handlooms! The art of weaving is slowly dying . They have chosen Shweta because of her awareness program selfie with police and also because she is an artist and a creative person. On this occasion

Shweta says,

“I am delighted that Maharashtra Government have chosen me for this, I am looking forward to this.”