Posted on February 4, 2017 at 1:15 am

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Designer Sayantan Sarkar Presents Beyond Boundaries @ Lakme Fashion Week SR 2017

“Beyond Boundaries” is a conscious shift from the usual to the horizon, less thought of. The rigidity of checks is broken to generate a space within which the fluid silhouettes play their way to freedom. The collection is hell bent on a paradigm shift from all things under control to ‘set free’. It echoes within its fluid folds, shapes, less known to flatter femininity.



It is finally the handloom specific “Gamcha” checks, a hand woven wonder from North Bengal fused with fine Linen yarns that come to the rescue. The fabric flaunts colorful ginghams and plaid patterns woven on handlooms. The collection defines the inherent boundary, which makes the weavers exploit their skill, and take the path which is never taken. Each product is labelled with unique handloom signature produced by the concerned weaver which connects the products to its ORIGIN.
An attempt, therefore, to facelift the “Gamcha” by use of pastel blues, pinks, and pale mustards; along with camel, ecru and coffee brown. It symbolizes the celebration of a new woman who defies to go by the usual way. Traditional, strong colors and structured silhouettes which are synonymous with “gamcha”checks, gives way to a more mellowed and muted palette with flowy drapes, with layered an-fit silhouettes celebrating womanhood and its myriad journey to this present day, breaking the social stringent boundaries