Posted on January 2, 2017 at 4:10 am

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#UrbanAsianMusic: Kee gives you something to Party with 'Vodka'

Get ready to be intoxicated with KEE’s latest offering ‘Vodka’.   Our UK’s Jaaneman KEE has teamed up with Music Director Sharan Dhillon to bring you a concoction of Bollywood, panjabi and western vibes.

KEE known for her silky smooth vocals, mostly for her romantic ballads shows off her versatility as an artist on this dance floor number.  It’s fun, flirty and fiery! Trust me we had it on repeat mode, time to bring out the Vodka and play the tune! 


“Recording this track was so much fun.  Due to time constraints I was here in the UK, Sharan was sat in Panjab and Daman was working from Mumbai – we had a virtual recording session.  The beat just makes me wanna dance and lyrics are so catchy too.  As soon as I heard this track I wanted it!  I’m looking forward to sharing new projects in 2017 – so stay tuned!”  – KEE

SHARAN DHILLON, (Music Director aka HyPhy Yanky) recognized for his traditional Panjabi Folk style of music, and now recently crossing over to commercial and Bollywood projects.  He has been working in the industry since 2006 with many reputable artists.  JAY DAMAN, (Lyricist & Rapper) adds his Bollywood flavor to this cocktail fusion.  He has collaborated with Guru Sharma,  Jaz Dhami & Mika Singh to name a few.  Both SHARAN and JAY are excited to work with KEE and the trio have now confirmed dates for further projects together this year!

KEE fans will be excited to know she is already set for a Valentines release in 2017.  So get your tissues ready it’s another romantic one!  

*KEE’s ‘VODKA’ audio will PREMIER on  31 December 2016.