Posted on January 1, 2017 at 6:13 am

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Handsome Hunks will compete for Mr Dubai title!

Get ready for a handsome takeover to begin the new year as Mr. Dubai will be held in January. More than eighteen competitors from different countries are participating in this event. Mr Dubai 2016 is organised by Joe Hernandez, Dr Nina Khan and Avi Muller. The contest has three rounds : (1) a Q & A session with the judges to test the contestants’ acumen, (2) a Talent Round–which focuses on the models’ skills and (3) a Fashion Show Round for candidates to perform and let their fashion talents speak for themselves. Dubai has grown over the years, but most events were catered to the ladies and not men. It was in this vein that the idea of Mr. Dubai came into existence.


Joe Hernandez the Founder of Mr. Dubai said,

” Mr. Dubai, the event, was conceptualized, first and foremost as a platform to promote brotherhood among men coming from different backgrounds – social, economic, cultural and religious.”

Dr Nina Khan the Organizer of Mr. Dubai said,

“The participants will come out to be better persons after the event by boosting their self confidence. Lastly, it is to give opportunity to the participants to realize their dream of fame, fortune and glory.”

Avi Muller the Organizer of Mr. Dubai said,

“Mr Dubai is the small step in the evolution of Fashion brand and the first step in our global roll-out of networks around the world.”

Over the years, the event has attracted several celebrities to sit in the panel of judges. International celebrities like Ms. Dalida Khalil, a popular singer and film actress from Lebanon flew in just to be in the panel, Mr. Calum Best, a British-American model, actor, TV personality and reality TV participant, and former beauty title holders Miss India, Miss Pakistan and Mr. Swiss were just some of the respected judges who have graced the event.

The event is a 3-night show spread over a month. The first night is the Fashion Show where the participants are judged by their fashion sense. The second night is the Talent Show where the participants showcase their individual talents. The third night is the Finals when the winners are proclaimed after going through the Q&A portion with the judges.

We’ll keep you posted on this event!