Posted on January 2, 2017 at 3:41 am

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Celebs share their 2017 new year resolutions!

The modern era has been so much more passionate about the celebration of the first day of the new year. It’s one of the most celebrated days around the world by more than a billion people. With plans of celebrating and welcoming the new year those celebrities wish the young to also make their wishlist of achievements for the coming year. Actors like Karan Patel, Riddhima Pandit, Karishma Kotak and others share about their wishlist and targets for 2017.
Riddhima Pandit: I wish to stay in working mode the complete year, working with the role I am playing now and entertaining my viewers. I expect such more amazing and iconic roles comes my way. More work is always appreciated. I wish the new year keeps me more occupied working then what I already have been in 2016
Madhura Naik: Every year I make some resolutions and try to work on them. This year too I have some targets but more of are personal goals then professional ones. Working on myself, fitness, traveling and most special one to build a special relationship with someone special if I find him along on the way, that will be just perfect.
Sherlyn Chopra:  I expect 2017 to be more magical, blissful and euphoric both personally and professionally, And so shall be! I am rather positive welcoming the year. The gone was good and the coming will be better or say best!
Mouli Ganguly: I am enjoying my life. But demands never ends. I am fond of being successful. I love abundance in every form. I wish compare to the gone year coming brings more work, more money, more shopping, more travel and more ventures.
Abhinav Shukla: 2017 is going to be very special. I have secretly planned about it. All I can share is I am taking mountaineering more seriously and will be exploring two more countries and add them to my travel list. I am also venturing into directing and filming documentaries and travels. My movie will be releasing this year and will start shooting for the other one after July.
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Karishma Kotak: With earning more success in life with love and blessings from people around I want to work more and more like anyone else. I love traveling and exploring so want chances of doing that. I also want to spend more times after work with my family too.
Mahika Sharma: I want to get more good works and earn more hearts working harder. Also will try to win more beauty pageants. Adding feather and exploring other talents inside me would be an better idea. Also wish the year brings more happiness rather then sufferings in people’s life. I was shooting this year hope my movie releases this year. And more positivity and more social works I can perform in 2017.
Karan Patel: My fans have been always part of my life. Love and fans in abundance. Wish better health for all. More work outs. A movie with a good production house for sure. More work and more money.
Mansi Srivastava: I am expecting some great work to prove myself in my career and probably better cordial relationships with everyone be it my family or friends on my personal front. So looking forward to this special year.
Roop Durgapal: I learnt a lot of lessons this year and my new year resolution is to work on them so that I dont have to learn the same lessons again and become a better version of myself. I wish to do good work, travel to some more amazing places & keep stress,procrastination and overthinking at bay.
Shamin Manan: I usually dont make resolutions as I’m scared that I might break them and feel guilty later on. But this year I am active and ready to work hard on some like controlling my sweet tooth, exploring and loving my self a little more, cut down my expectations from others and last but not the least to live with grace and graceful towards everyone.