Posted on January 2, 2017 at 3:45 am

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2017 is a year where I see myself working with many people I have longed to work-Producer Siddharth P. Malhotra!

2017 is a year where I see myself working with many people I have longed to work-Producer Siddharth P. Malhotra!


What are your new year plans?
New year plans are to be with my family and my closest friends who we call our besties 7 couples with their kids at Shaan’ s and his wife Radhika’ s farm house in Karjat as all our new years we have brought in together as a group

What is your new year resolution?
New year resolution is to lose at least another 20 kgs try and spend more time with my parents and family and aim for the gold in whatever work I do so the work leaves a mark behind to be spoken about and referenced.



How was 2016 for you personally and professionally?
2016 was in my lifetime a clear year of change and rebooting it’s almost like you reformat yourself and begin afresh from the start! It broke me down to smithereens and then built me back up into a stronger person so personally, that’s that and professionally again it made me leave a comfort zone of Cinevista to becoming a full producer with my wife starting Alchemy Films Pvt.Ltd with Ichchapyaari Naagin on Sab TV and now Woh Apna Sa on Zee TV and the next year promises to be a joyride with me directing a feature film as well.

What are you expecting from 2017?
2017 is a year where I see myself working with many people I’ve longed to work with and create a name that one is proud of, for Alchemy films and Sapna’ s company also I hope my next film after we are family as a director comes out and the hard work put in gets appreciated.

What trend in TV you noticed? What do you think audiences like?
Actually I feel everyone is trying to break the trend and monotony today, there was a time of shows with women suffering to no end and all shows seemed like one and the same but now fresh and experimental/innovative stories are being given a chance so it’s only exciting times ahead as audiences today have a choice, in fact, multiple choices and with emerging markets channels have realized it too so, I feel there are good times ahead for makers who want to say stories they have not got an opportunity to back before.

What have you to say about Naagin based tv shows?
Naagin as a concept will always work but not all Naagin based shows will work unless your writing and the way it’s presented is not reinvented again and again I feel the main play on a Naagin show is your individual take like Ichhapyaari is a happy Naagin a do-gooder hence it’s being appreciated and loved similarly others besides Ekta’ s Naagin if they choose to go snake based shows have to find an interesting peg or else just Naagin based shows won’t assure numbers without a spin to it

What have you to say about the future of Indian television industry?
I think the future is super and makers and story tellers who have conviction are here to stay. Channels aren’t crazy to interfere when they know the creator will ensure that a bad product won’t goes on air so I feel if we as creators are proud of a product where our names go and stick to our conviction it reflects as a conviction is contagious! TV will always be there to stay and with channels willing to experiment with all formats and genres there will be space for all who love their shows and work.