Posted on December 29, 2016 at 11:40 pm

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TV Stars talk about whether Demonetisation has affected their Party plans this year!

With the New Year drawing close, this is usually the time when TV stars party and make holiday plans. However, this year, with the demonization drive, many party plans have been dropped and holiday plans changed. Let’s look at whether the same has affected these TV actors.

Himmanshoo Malhotraa – As of now there is no plan, but I think it’s going to be in Mumbai. As for the demonization, of course, it has impacted many things. People are juggling with a lot of issues. As far as the party is concerned, it will be a little lesser than what you see every year. This time, I expect the year to start with a bang. I hope 1st January brings us to a new level because the economy is haywire right now and people are struggling with cash. They are standing in queues at banks. Because of that, at this point in time, the movies are also not doing great and the entertainment business has been affected. So the impact has been felt hard by all sections of the society and I hope that everything will get back to normal. About holidaying, I’ll be going back to Delhi to celebrate with my mother as my brother is not in the country. But when he comes back, we will make some plans of course.It will mostly be with best friends, roaming around on streets of Mumbai and enjoying the new year with firecrackers.


Laksh – I would be celebrating this New Year in Mumbai only because I am not a party person. Demonetization hasn’t affected me because I am not a party animal and I never go out for long holidays!

Shashank Vyas –I’ll be celebrating this New Year with friends in Mumbai. Demonetization hasn’t affected as firstly, I am not a big party person.  About holidays, if any are any, they will be short-term only because a daily soap actor can’t afford to have long holidays because of time constraints.

Shardul Pandit – I have actually no concrete plans. I was planning to go to Dubai, but my shoots have come up, so I can’t do that. I will have to stay in Mumbai. But I don’t mind because I like working on New Year’s Eve. About the demonetization, I don’t think it has affected any plans. Our debit cards are working, so it’s not like we will spend only cash in the new year. So I don’t feel like there is any change.

Priyal Gor – Nothing planned yet because I don’t know whether I am shooting or not on that day. With demonetization, it’s not at all affecting me because financially, I’m a very organized actress.


Jasmin Bhasin –
I don’t have any New Year plans as such. I think I’ll be celebrating it with my close friends and family at home only. Also, Demonetization is not affecting my parties or holidays plans at all, because as actors, all our payment are justified in white and comes with the account and I can use my card anywhere. It’s like I am not facing any inconvenience at all!


Jyotsna Chandola – That’s my favorite topic. Well, I am planning a surprise visit at my in-laws in Benares and my sweetheart (hubby Nitesh) is very happy. He double checked with me about whether I was sure because it’s New Year and people want to party, etc. But I told him that I want to go to Benares and I want to give his family a nice surprise, I am quite excited about this. When it comes to demonization, I am in favor of Modi Ji and I don’t have any problem. I am supporting him. Also, the card system is there everywhere so it doesn’t affect me anymore. I always believe in, ‘Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai’. Yes, I did face some problems, but it’s ok. We can try giving something from our side too.

Sameksha – I plan to celebrate this New Year with my friends and family because I want to spend some time with them.  Demonetization doesn’t affect me as I am totally white when it comes to money.

Asmita Sood – Not yet decided, but yes will celebrate it with my parents and friends. Demonetization hasn’t affected me because I always pay through cards and online transactions.

Vahbiz Dorabjee – I’ll be celebrating with my parents at my hometown, Pune. Demonetisation hasn’t affected my party or holidays plans because I always pay through cards. It is a problem if I have to buy any small thing from a shop which doesn’t accept cards. Paying my staff is also an issue at times.

Mrunal Jain – I will be celebrating New Year with my friends in Goa. Demonetisation hasn’t affected me much as I believe in abundance. I am not a party animal as such and even when I party, it is mostly with my friend circle.