Posted on December 30, 2016 at 10:44 pm

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In 2017 I will work hard towards my goal: Sushant Kumar!

Popular show Badho Bahu’s producer Sushant Kumar is going to work more harder in 2017 and want to establish himself as bigger producer. Talking about his new year resolution he tells,

“I will work hard towards my goals with 100℅ focus and dedication in 2017. 2016 was a good year for me professionally and personally both. Our first tv show Badho Bahu went on air and gained good reviews and TRPs which was like a dream comes true. Next year am expecting much more good projects from Hum Tum Telefilms and also good TRPs for all of them.”

Sushant shares his take on the tv trend of 2016.

He adds,

“Actually, it’s a kind of weird. I have seen many good shows which did not work well. But latest trend of tv shows based on nag- nagin, ghost -spirits hits the tv screens and gained good TRPs. On the other hand, there are typical Saas-bahu sagas doing so well even after many years. So we actually can’t say what the audience likes. It is unpredictable but I feel“Slice of Life ‘that always works in TV as well as in films.”

Sushant believes that TRP   is the main thing for any producer as he adds,

“Superstitious based shows are gaining good TRPs means audience likes it. Not only in India such shows have worldwide fans. We always talk about a change in terms of content and subject but most of the time it doesn’t do well. Which is sad. Then as a producer, one has to follow such trends. But if you have TRP everything is fine. I hope and wish that audience should start accepting the concept of tv series Like 24, p.o.w and I feel there will be a tough fight between television and the web soon.”

So how you are welcoming the new year?

“A small celebration on the set of Badho Bahu with the whole cast and crew. Then with family and friends. I love the house party but this time we are planning to go out for Clubbing and all.”