Posted on August 20, 2016 at 12:56 pm

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#9YearsOfDMG: Could Atul be the star of season 3?

Nine years ago, Indians everywhere were introduced to a group of cheery doctors who changed the face of the medical profession as we know it. For the first time, audiences looked past shiny white coats to see the human being behind the “magic” of medical cures and care. With light hearted characters and real emotions, the follow-up to the intense show Sanjeevani – A Medical Boon, Dill Mill Gayye shed light on the humanistic value of the man made gods we call doctors. For a change, we witnessed the hardships, emotional distress and even the livelihood everyday citizens behind the white coat experience.

Pankit Thakkar

Armaan, Riddhima, Atul, Anajali, Siddhant, Yuvi, Muskaan, Rahul and many more The popularity of the show was such that fans continue to want more. If such was the case and their wishes came true it would be interesting to witness the story through the eyes of one of the most essential characters on the show. After Armaan and Riddhima, Atul is one of the only characters who acts as the binding glue of the show.

Atul, played by Pankit Thakker, is an integral character who binds Sanjeevani to Dill Mill Gayye in an unimaginable way. The son of central character Omi Joshi, Atul became a doctor with the selfless purpose of treating diseases and not his patients. His love for all living things, including his beloved Trinzie and Rosie, along with his child like innocence made him the true champ.

As an intern and son of former Sanjeevanite, Atul has tasted his share of success and failures. What sets him apart from the other interns is that he has humbled himself in his failures and learn to over come them. Unlike his fellow interns, he wouldn’t use his own failures as examples for future generations of doctors to strengthen their skills. The most interesting part of this possibility would be seeing Atul take charge of Sanjeevani as a responsible adult. Something tells me he wouldn’t be as strict on the interns as Dr. Shashank was! Makers are you listening?