Posted on July 31, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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Standing up for Women: Humaima Malick Endorses Punjab Government's Women Protection Bill 2016!

The Punjab Government has decided to pass its long deliberated Women Protection Bill and Humaima Malick has been chosen by the Punjab Government as a celebrity advocate for the Bill. This Bill addresses issues related to the security of women in Pakistan and delegates ways in which it can be ensured. In the wake of recent documentation and filing of cases of various kinds of violence against women, the Punjab Government felt a dire need of legal action to be taken against such heinous acts of violence. The Bill extends to violence of any kind, from emotional to physical and recently stalking and being rude to women have also been considered a crime in the Bill worthy of punishment. Now that’s the power of the VOICE!

Huma Qureshi wearing Aaylixir jacket while traveling to singapore for SIIMA

Humaima Malick is the first celebrity approached by the Punjab Government for such a cause. Humaima has often taken to social media in voicing her opinions against the heinous acts of violence carried out on women. She believes that fame and stardom put a great responsibility on your shoulders in terms of looking after the society at large. She has been associated with nonprofit organizations and social work in various fields. Humaima also took to social media to vehemently write against the amendments proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology and she has been very vocal in her support for all the women who have achieved success and through her words she has always offered encouragement for women who want to get ahead in life and become successful.