Posted on June 20, 2016 at 1:06 pm

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What's Mrunal Jain's fitness secret?

The dashing Mrunal Jain is one dedicated actor. As part of his preparation for Beyond Dreams’ Naagarjun the actor has worked towards building a completely ripped body. Despite his hectic shoot schedule, he managed to go to the gym regularly to maintain look.


Commenting on the same the actor says,

“Nothing is easy in life. One needs to have the right motivation to achieve the goals. When talent meets hard work luck and destiny changes. I am a vegetarian and have worked hard on making my body. “

On being asked what his favorite foods are he says,

“I eat everything vegetarian cooked by my mom Vidya and my wife Sweety but I eat in moderate proportions. I don’t diet at all. One thing I cant do without is one liter milk daily. My family keeps joking about it.”

Well Mrunal, I think all the fans who look up to you for inspiration will have another favorite on the list soon – milk!