Posted on June 15, 2016 at 11:51 pm

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Sultan Ahmed was a traditional filmmaker: Zeba Bakhtiyar

Elegant and beautiful Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiyar, who has worked with noted filmmaker, the late Sultan Ahmed in Jai Vikrantaremembers him as a filmmaker who belonged with the likes of the legendary K Asif. Recently filmmaker’s death anniversary was on May 20, she shares her fondest memory of him.

The actress recalls,
I remember my secretary telling me that Sultan Ahmed Sahib wanted to meet me regarding a film . I came to know that Sultan Sahib had worked on Mughal-e-Azam with K. Asif Sahibso I was very excited. I met Sultan Sahib and his wife Farah Sultan and felt very comfortable being with them. And that’s how the film Jai Vikranta happened.
When asked to describe him as a filmmaker, Zeba says,
Sultan Ahmed was a very traditional filmmaker like K. Asif Saab style, but in an individual way, he was very particular about detailing  in every matter and wanted everything to be done as he said. He never compromised with his vision. I also marvelled at the way Farah supported and managed everything. I would see her rushing from one department to another, making sure things went as per schedule.

The actress also recalls the delicious food served on the set.

Besides the production work, Farah used to also conjure up amazing kebabs and home-cooked food. I was quite amazed by her and wondered at her life that seems to be a tough, but she was always cheerful and smiling.
Zeba, who was introduced in Indian films by the late Raj Kapoor, is known for her flawless beauty, but she’s quite humble about it.  She says,
I have never considered myself beautiful, but I’m grateful to people who think that I am. There ae so many Among my contemporaries there are so many beautiful women among my contemporaries.
The Henna heroine also has a strong relationship with India. And she adds,
All my memories of India make me nostalgic. It has been about five years since I have been to India. I miss some of my friends in India. I have been producing and directing for the past 15 years in Pakistan, at the moment I don’t have any plans to come to India.
Zeba has produced shows like Masuri,Muqadas,Mehman,Mulaqaat and a film titled 021 in Pakistan.