Posted on June 15, 2016 at 2:49 pm

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"Siya Ke Ram is a show ahead of it's time" – Nikhil Sinha

Producer Nikhil Sinha is someone is the industry who is known for his unique story telling talent whether it was Mahadev, Hatim and now Siya Ke Ram he has undoubtedly a magician.

Talking about his journey with Siya Ke Ram Nikhil comments,

Ramayan is a difficult subject to say because the original Ramayan has many different versions and people are aware of it and it’s in their heads. The point of view we took is a very human point of view rather than taking a typical, religious and devotional. Audience have accepted nicely.”

There was a massive expectations with Siya Ke Ram but the numbers are not that impressive, how has that affected you? Nikhil comments,

“Unfortunately Siya Ke Ram is a time ahead show it came at that stage of television industry where the industry is into incarnation itself. Last month IPL was on so that’s a different story, the whole television industry’s 7:30 slot had gone down. And in that scenario 2.5 is not bad.”

Do you want to stick to the mytho genre or will we ever see you producing saas-bahu dramas as well? Nikhil says,

“I am really interested but saas- bahu drama has gone into major regression where the female protagonist is turning into mosquito. So I have to re-study it.”