Posted on June 14, 2016 at 8:10 pm

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Shocking ! Sunny Leone reveals getting caught by her dad while kissing a guy!

It’s not been long when Sunny Leone walked into an interview to be conducted by a man she was told was one of most senior and respected journalists of the country where she was interrogated like one would grill a convicted criminal, not a film star. From badgering her over her past as a porn star and looking shocked that she didn’t regret it at all to asking her if he would ‘become morally corrupt by talking to her’, the interviewer, Bhupendra Chaubey, pulled all stops in cornering the actor. Leone faced his questions with grace, poise and confidence.


Recently, she was asked about her past again but this time in a dignified and fun way. From ex boyfriends to her first kiss, TV show host and actor, Karan Singh Chhabra asked her all using the game segment of his talk show. The witty actress sportingly revealed a lot of unknown secrets while playing the game. Sunny aka “Gogu” as her father called her shared getting caught by her dad while kissing a guy to catching her ex-boyfriend cheating her red handed.

On asking the show host, Chhabra shared

“I wanted to make sure not to ask her anything that might offend her and tried to make the conversation more fun. Sunny Leone as per my previous interactions with her comes across as a very fun loving and sporting person. Never have I ever as a game has been played earlier as well and is an easy way to get fun facts out from people”

Way to go Sunny!