Posted on June 16, 2016 at 1:02 pm

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Sanjay R. Gagnani in a marathi flick?

Sanjay R. Gagnani, who will soon be seen in Ek Rishta Sajedari Ka as a parallel lead, is all set to debut in the Marathi film industry.

Sanjay r gagnani

When asked for a confirmation the handsome actor says,

“The name of the film is Pindadaan which is releasing on the 17th June. I am playing a London based news reporter in the film. I have a friendly appearance in the film.”

What prompted you to take up the role? Sanjay says,

“The makers of the film – director Prashant Patil, cinematographer – Bunty Deshpande and the costume stylist – Deepali Deshpande are like family. They are the ones who believed that I am an actor. I started my career under their guidance back in 2010. They held my hand like a parent and showed me the path to Mumbai, in the glamour world. Not only professionally, they are my mentors in personal life too. I also shot my first portfolio with them, my first print commercial campaign with them and they shot their first short film with me and their first feature film with me. The journey with them has been magical with so many landmarks.”

Sanjay who is a Sindhi, finds it ok to speak Marathi. He says,

“I am a Sindhi but I speak in Hindi with my dad, Sindhi with my mom, Gujarati with my brother. I speak little Marathi but understand most of it since i have a lot of Maharastrian friends from Pune since I’ve done my college from pune and stayed there for for years. It wasn’t difficult since the character I play of a London based reporter doesn’t speak fluent Marathi.”

So do you want to do more Marathi cinema?

“Yes, I would love to do more Marathi films. It is my Karmbhoomi and also I am mesmerized by the kind of work that is being done in Marathi Cinema, they have raised the bar higher than ever and as an actor, I am eager to be a part of meaningful cinema and challenging roles irrespective of its language and region.”