Posted on June 13, 2016 at 7:42 am

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Mohammad Nazim taps into his inner spirituality!

Mohammad Nazim is keeping a month-long Roza that commenced from 8th June.

Mohammad Nazim

We got in touch with him to ask him from when did he start observing, he says,

“From the day I started understanding things, I started fasting.”

He believes that spiritual fasting is followed by every religion.

“Fasting is there in every culture, but they are called by different names – be it Hindu, Christian or Islam, which I follow,”

he says.

Known to be a fitness conscious, Nazim ensures to keep his date with the gym when fasting.

“I go to gym after doing my namaaz,”

he says.

The actor prays daily. Describing his relationship with God, he says,

“God has given me everything that I asked for. I worked hard, but the energy for that is given by Him. He is my best friend.”

Mohammad Nazim is currently shooting for a Punjabi film “Big Daddy” in Australia. He adds,

“It’s not easy to fast in a different country but I am managing because faith is bigger than anything else.”