Posted on June 20, 2016 at 1:58 am

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#LoveBeyondBorders: BomBaeb Kenisha is back with A Border Drawn in Blood!

As many know the recent attacks in Orlando have hurt many people around the globe with anger and with hurt and many are voicing their thoughts and opinion through social media to find answers, why , why and why? Kenisha Awasthi reminded us that we need to choose Love as it conquers all and that she is right about that statement and here is why!

She creates a poem on a world that’s been so long dead, a world where humanity prevailed above all religions . It’s a ballad for unrequited love for both ;ones lover and ones homeland. It isn’t just a poem about the Indo-Pak strife ( though it is that too ) ,it is in fact a swan song in memory of all who ever lost love or lost their homeland in any part of the existing world during. Check out her poetic video below which is so powerful and so strong that it over comes hatred but we should fill it with more love.

This poem is a sentiment that addresses longing , nostalgia and most importantly love . It is dedicated to anyone who knows what it’s like to lose something /someone precious to issues that aren’t and shouldn’t be issues at all.
This poem is her admission and acknowledgment of how we all are (including herself  ) conditioned over the years to distinguish and hate one another basis caste , creed , sometimes gender even . But that hate and love is a choice and if we have to choose why not choose love then? This piece is my effort (earnest) to bring to the fore the significance and acknowledgement of the greatest force in the world : Love . Because love truly does conquer all