Posted on June 16, 2016 at 4:40 pm

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In Conversation with Actor of Dhanak: Vipin Sharma!

The director of Dor and Iqbal now brings to us Dhanak! The Nagesh Kukunoor film which releases this Friday June 17 seems to be yet another beautiful journey-inspirational film. The simplicity of the film is what stands out the most and its comical-meaningful dialogues, or at least this is what we get from just the trailer!

I had the chance to chat with Vipin Sharma who plays a supporting role in the film. We talked about his role in the film, his journey, and what it was like working with the leading child artists of the film: Krrish Chhabria and Hetal Gada.

Q: Tell us a bit about your role in the film Dhanak and who you play. 

Vipin Sharma: I play the role of a Rajasthani villager who basically does nothing but smokes and sleeps. He is taking care of two young children Chotu and Pari who lost their parents. When they disappear he goes searching for them.

Q: Looking at the trailer of Dhanak it seems it will be one of the next best ‘journey’ films. What has the journey of Dhanak been like for you? 

Vipin Sharma: Because it was shot in Rajasthan which to me is one of the most picturesque places in the world, it definitely is beautiful.

Q: What was it like acting with both the leads of the film and child artists, Krrish Chhabria and Hetal Gada? 

Vipin Sharma: Both of them are adorable. They really worked hard. It gets very hot in the desert you are constantly dealing with lots of sand which is always present in the wind. It gets pretty much into everything. Into your eyes, nostrils and of course the food. But I never saw them complain about anything. Such passion at that young age is very rare.


Q: The story of Dhanak seems very inspirational. Has the film touched you in any way, if so, how? 

Vipin Sharma: What touched me the most is the love between the brother and the sister.

Q: What’s your favorite track from the film? 

Vipin Sharma: Dama dam mast kalandar is my fav.

Q: What do you hope for our audience to walk out with after seeing the film Dhanak? 

Vipin Sharma: The fact that the movie is shot in Jaisalmer near Rajasthan should be the biggest reason. As I said it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The colours are vivid, the sand dunes majestic and the haunting landscape is all breathtaking. And of course a lovely performances from the young actors.

Q: Any last thoughts, or comments? 

Vipin Sharma: Manish Mundra is the main force behind the film. In recent years he has helped many filmmakers either start their careers or reinvent themselves. I really think without him Dhanak will not be a dhanak on the horizon. Thanks Manish.

All the best to the team, we look forward to seeing the film Dhanak this Friday!