Posted on June 17, 2016 at 1:50 am

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#HunkAlert: Mrunal Jain is the latest sex symbol of television!

Well known photographer Amit Khanna recently shot popular hunky actor Mrunal Jain and the final outcome of the photo shoot is brilliant. Mrunal never looked so hot in any of the photo shoots which he has done in the past.  We can’t disagree with these statements because it’s so true! Take a look for yourself below!

Mrunal Jain latest pic

Amit says,

“Mrunal is one of the most good looking television actors, he is extremely fit and focused. I think it is always a team effort. We have shot on several occasions before, so we always try to do something new and like to experiment sometimes it works sometimes it might backfire.



Amit also adds,

“This time for the shoot we wanted to try royal-classy as well as something sexy too, Mrunal worked on his body accordingly and we focused more on the expressions,the look was designed accordingly to the theme and I am glad it worked out so well both Mrunal and I were extremely pleased with the outcome. Hence the idea is and always shall be to break the comfort zone and experiment.”


Talking about Mrunal’s stylish look the well known photographer also adds,

“He is looking Stylish and also dapper and has carried each look to perfection, he has given great expressions and displayed a very good body language which goes with the entire look.


“The shoot happened both in and outdoors and took close to 7 hours to shoot over 11-12 looks. I love shooting Mrunal, he is always so enthusiastic and always up for experiments and trying something different which indeed is photographers delight, obviously he is very good looking and fit so almost every look can be carried off by him, also we both enjoy working with each other as there is a level of comfort and understanding. I always look forward to work with him.”

On the other hand Mrunal says,

“Amit is a fantastic photographer. I am delighted to be photographed by him.” Mrunal is often referred as the male sex symbol in the industry, he adds,


“I have worked very hard on building my body. I take it as a compliment when people call me sexy or appreciate my personality. It takes a lot of hard work to make and maintain a body. a m a strict vegetarian. I am a member of a 24 hour gym and don’t miss it no matter what”.

On being asked how fans are reacting he says,

“Fans are very excited to see my new pics. I am flooded with messages on social networking websites. I always wanted to present myself as a complete package and I have achieved that to an extent. Hrithik Roshan is my idol”




Mrunal Jain is currently seen as the negative lead in Yash Patnaik’s Naagarjuna and is getting good feedback. He says, “People are loving me in the two roles. The feedback is quite good. The show is packaged nicely and is larger than life. There is lot of depth in the characters”. Well Mrunal you are hot and looking perfect on-screen as well as off-screen.