Posted on June 8, 2016 at 6:21 pm

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#HappyBirthdayKaranWahi: Fifty Shades of Sexiness!

Television’s most eligible bachelor Karan Wahi has found reason celebrate yet again. turns the big 3-0 on June 9th 2016 and his fans are celebrating with him. The most loved man on television, Karan Wahi has gone on to incite his audience with his wit, charm, sense of humor and his smoking hot looks. No matter what role he takes on, Karan he looks absolutely brilliant essaying it! Check out some of his most memorable shades over the years:



Sweet, innocent curly haired Karan first made his television appearance as the adorable Ranveer in Remix. His puppy dog eyes and innocence was so enticing that girls could not help fall in love with him.



After a long haul came Siddhant Modi, a sweet, sensitive and childlike individual with a golden heart. His inner child reminded fans much of Wahi who himself is a lively soul. A bratty, bubbly doctor, Sid turns into a responsible and self sacrificing lover who can do anything to put a smile on the face of the woman he loves.



The adorable Rohan is one character audiences will never forget. His warm heart, beautifully scattered lock and lovely smile was enough to melt hearts. You simply wanted hug him every time you saw him.

Karan Wahi


For his Bollywood debut, Karan Wahi dove into a whole new skin. The cute Amjad was deeply in love with woman of his dreams but his parent’s pressure did not let him fulfill his wishes. However, towards the end of the film we saw a revelation in Amjad which made us go from feeling sorry for him to being proud of him.



In a bold new avatar, Karan Wahi made his comeback as the suave and sophisticated Shivin. From the moment he first reappeared on screen as Shivin, fans went gaga over his five o’ clock shadow and daring personality