Posted on June 20, 2016 at 1:40 am

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Does technology affect the society?

All around the world, technology has really taken up the world we live in today. Everywhere we go, anything we do, there is a need for technology. Humans use technology to travel, to communicate, to learn, to do business and to live in comfort. However, it has both positive and negative aspects to it. Some might think that it reduces little kids to explore the outside world, and reduces face-to-face interaction. But if you think about it, those who live really far away, the use of technology really comes to use because of sources such as video chats, phone calls, text messages, navigation.




It can be negatively impacted because of bullying. Cyber Bullying has been a huge deal in today’s generation. People are not cautious with the things they post, say or do. Technology separates individuals from reality. One of the most common impact is texting while driving. Kids having easy access to cheating at school. People’s attitudes becoming more impatient and entitled.




I believe that there are more negative aspects than positives on the impacts of technology advancement. It detaches us from what is happening around us, communications, and spreads the concept of instant gratification. Creating new friends, talking to family across the world, and creating global connections are all great things, but we should keep in mind with the things we do, say and the actions we take. It is easy to say something but it isn’t easy to take it back or have someone forget about it.

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