Posted on June 17, 2016 at 12:06 am

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A@s Like That: Arshi Khan Wants Kim Kardashian's 42-inch A@s, Goes For Butt Implants?

Arshi Khan plans on breaking the internet soon – and well  what better way than to target Kim Kardashian‘s butt. Oh sheesh! Really? Arshi Khan who is 39 in the derriere department is working very hard on “augmenting” her posterior.


And what better way to do that, than go for butt implants. Kim Kardashian has had them, so possibly Arshi Khan can also experiment with butt implants. It is still not sure what Arshi Khan is up to, but her personal secretary told us “Arshi Khan is busy working on her bum”. Tsk… Tsk. Now, that is a hint enough.
We are not saying that Arshi Khan is actually going in for butt implants. But a little birdie told us that Arshi Khan is meeting several cosmetic specialists these days, so we presume she wants to augment her assets.

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When we asked her, Arshi Khan quipped,

“Yes I have a 39-inch butt, but I want to get bigger. I know Indian men like big a#s. But I have not yet decided how I am going to get there. Even in the cleavage department, I eventually want to go from a 34C to a 36C,”

Arshi Khan told the media.

Okay then. we really don’t know what to say about that comment!
Arshi Khan today even released some pics of her 39-inch butt with a caption Ye Dil Maange More….
When you see Arshi Khan look bigger on her bust and butt, remember, you read it first a yet awkward way..