Posted on June 18, 2016 at 2:04 am

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Anushka Ramesh speaks on Father's Day!

Father’s Day is the day where we spend the day with our Dad and create more memories with them that in the future will be cherished forever and ever. Actress Anushka Ramesh who was last seen in the Punjabi film “Canada Di Flight” is currently doing her Hindi debut called “Mangal” has a very special message for her Father this Father’s day,



“The best thing I learnt from my father Ramesh Khosla is that always do your best in everything, Be prepared for anything and never take anything too seriously. Luckily I will be in Pune at my parents place on Father’s Day, so I am planning to get him a nice gift and just give him a big hug and say thank you for all the amazing things in my life and may be I will ask him to take me shopping too. The best gift I have ever got from my father is the freedom and liberty to make my own choices. He trusts my abilities, has faith in me and has never expected me to conform to what they want. And that is the most beautiful gift I could have ever got”

Anushka Ramesh wishes her Father a very happy Father’s Day!