Posted on June 14, 2016 at 7:57 pm

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Ankush Arora gets revamped!

The very dashing Ankush Arora, who plays Karthik in Zee TV’s Yeh Vaada Raha, is all set to wow the audience with his fresh new look. We got in touch with the actor to find out about his new look and much more. Here’s what he had to say:


How has been the response to your character Karthik how much you relate to him ?
Karthik is a carefree and bindass person but not right now as he has left Surbhi and as he has said to Hema and Bindu that he can stay happy without Surbhi which is trying to by enjoying with kids. Also his look has changed after 7 years where he has gone to a clean shave look. I use to relate to the Karthik who was 19 years old carefree.

What changes in your look are going to happen ?
I have gone to a look change with short hair, blazer jackets with V- neck tshirts and chinos.

Best compliment you got for the show ?
That I am a good actor.


Who is your favorite co-star on the set ?
Rinku Karmarkar ma’am because she is senior and I get to learn so much from her.

What is the one vaada you would like to do to someone and what would it be ?
I would promise to make few people smile everyday especially when today people go through problems and are sad so it’s good to make someone feel happy.

Any interesting fan experience ?
My fan gifted me many frames and other gifts and also a huge long letter.

How is it working with Deepak Kumar, Vikas Seth and Mahesh Pandey ?
They are really supporting and are like my guardians. They are my gurus who gave me my first break you can say like my parents.


Any interesting incident on the set ?
We use to do pranks on the sets and one day I decided to prank Rashmi Gupta. The vanity rooms were changed and I was unaware so I went up to Rashmi Gupta’s room and knocked the door loudly and ran away not knowing that it was Ankita Sharma’s room. Ankita was annoyed and was asking who was the one and I had to go and talk that we were playing a prank and it went wrong on you.

What do you love to eat on the set ?
Italian food and biryani.