Posted on June 18, 2016 at 1:57 am

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A special Father's Day message!

The most special day of the year is coming up this weekend and that would be Father’s Day, a day where we honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood and re-cherish all the memories that have been created with them. Here is a cute gesture that some of the TV actors have put together explaining the best and precious moments they have spent with their father’s.


Amruta Khanvilkar – father’s name  Mr. Ajit Khanvilkar

“The best thing I have learnt from my father is never to give up. I    have seen a lot of ups and downs in his life. I have seen in my   growing years, he was not very successful in everything but he    never gave up and even today he keeps trying his best to succeed and  work things out. The best gift my father gave me was he told me when I was entering my college life that Amruta you decide whether you want to work now and have an enjoyable life or you want to enjoy now and work later. I think the teachings from your father,  his experience and his time that he gives and are the most valued possession.”




Himmanshoo Malhotra – father’s name Mr. Ashok Malhotra. 

He taught me not to ever quit in life & never go for temporary temptations in life & stick to my work & personal ethics in order to meaningfully complete my life. I m getting his name tattooed at the nape of my neck. The best gift is his generosity & dedication towards my work that I got as a gift.”





Laksh Lalwani – father’s name Mr. Romesh Lalwani

“The best thing I learnt from my dad is being courageous and never give up attitude. He has always encouraged me to do my best in whatever I do. He was supportive of my decision to act. I know he is always there for me. He is the anchor of my life.”



Sargun Mehta – father’s name Mr. Harish Mehta

Learnt that no matter what everyone is doing against you or saying about you. You only need to believe in yourself and keep working hard towards your success. Never try to bring anyone down just keep working on yourself. I will not be in India on father’s day. I treasure his faith in me. I treasure the fact that he is always telling me to ahead and not be scared. He is there to catch me if I fall.”


Divyanka Tripathi – father’s name Narendra Tripathi

“From my father I have taken patience, dedication, hard work and politeness.Papa always taught me that do the right karma. Don’t ever think negative for anyone as God will always be on your side when you are on the right track. I remember when we three kids used to buy cake for papa and surprise him in the shop on father’s day.”


161c746c-4e96-4daf-b1df-d007d0c6cff1Mrunal Jain – father’s name  Mr. Shailesh Jain

“My father taught to believe in sacrificing and always giving everyone happiness even it comes at your cost as life is all about giving. I give my pay cheque to my father every month and feel happy about it. My father has taught me to fight all  battles alone like a warrior. I have learnt to take everything in my stride with a smile and don’t crib about anything in life no matter what.”


Shashank Vyas – father’s name Mr. Vipin Vyas 

“One very important thing  I have learnt from him is that everybody is special and nobody is small. Never show power on people who are not that capable as your work wise or money wise. I am asking him to come for a small trip with me this year. As gift ‘Values are important which are with me throughout.”


Shivin Narang – father’s name Mr. Girish Narang 

“My father is a very caring humble, kind righteous and genuine person. He is like an ideal man best father best husband best brother best son I don’t think I am so good so what I do I just try to take some good things from him. The best thing I have learnt is to be a good human being before being anything. I am not in town I am shooting on 19th but will wish him and do something special. The best gift from my father is himself I am lucky to have them as my parents. “


Gunjan Utreja –  father’s name Mr. Krishan Gopal Utreja 

The best gift I got from my father is his values and attitude towards life. He has always helped others regardless of his own circumstances. He has always taught me that “it is not important to do what everyone else is doing. It is important to do what is correct ” Since I am working on father’ s day. We celebrated it advance. My parents were in town for  two weeks. And we had a wonderful time over conversations and ice cream.”

We hope you have all the most memorable and amazing Father’s Day ever!