Posted on April 6, 2016 at 1:40 pm

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Is Rati Agnihotri concerned about her son working with Sunny Leone?

Every child that is born into this world has a special bond with their mother that even simple words can’t describe. As a child grows older and older we get more concerned and that protective parent within us comes out.  Rati Agnihotri was no different, well at first when she heard that her son would be working with Sunny Leone she had a bit of a concern.


Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone both shared the screen for the first time in a sizzling item dance song “2 Peg Maar”. Tanuj had made it a point to have a meet and greet personally between his mother and Sunny. Let’s just say things went great! Rati was highly impressed when she met Sunny and felt her genuine warmth and had witness her dedication and being focused towards her work. Rati had expressed,

” I did not have any reservations with Tanuj working with Sunny ,I did have certain preconceived notions before I  met sunny, but it was all fine when I met her –  found  her to be a fine young lady . However I did have certain reservations with the genre as the film As when I heard the title it seemed like it would be an out-and-out Sunny film . However Tanuj assured me that there was a lot for him to do in the film and that I need not worry”

a4de54b8-01f2-4c14-9d6b-2b2941f64f3eWe are glad to hear that Sunny is being welcomed into the industry and people are more than happy to work with her.