Posted on April 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm

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Imtiaz Ali’s short film #IndiaTomorrow releases onto Internet Film Space!

He is the master filmmaker of his generation who has successfully connected to audiences in India and worldwide with touching, human stories. Imtiaz Ali now experiments with smaller screens with his short film India Tomorrow.

As part of an initiative to build resonance around a message of positivity and progress for all, this short film explores an unpredictable theme of quasi-role reversal where a sex worker teaches a few stock market lessons to her stockbroker client. Its core argument is that in India Tomorrow, anyone can bring change and achieve success. The film was presented at the recent India Today Conclave.

With this short, Imtiaz explores a new form of narration- for the Internet specifically. He is always keen on looking for more way to make films. He said,

With this short film, I am opening up the doors to the digital world, to conversations with interested people and organizations. I have these powerful, shorter stories that must be told and now can be. That they are on the Internet, makes access easy and gives them longevity. I think web series, short films are exciting forms that hold potential to bring about change in storytelling and entertainment.

Imtiaz Ali’s India Tomorrow released April 5, 2016 online today. Check out the full short film right here: