Posted on April 5, 2016 at 1:29 pm

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“I find myself a better actor now!” – Ankush Arora

Trishula Productions show Yeh Vaada Raha has male lead Ankush Arora playing the character of Kartik and the young actor who hails from Delhi feels everyday he finds himself as a better actor.

Ankush Arora

When asked about his experience working for the show Ankush says,

“I have learned a lot from this show. When I look back since my first episode I find myself a better actor. I owe so much to my director because on the set he keeps asking me for one more take every time he wants me to improve better. I also have learnt how to perform stunts and that is going to stay with me.”

Ankush who used to study communications feels if he would not be an actor would be a journalist but destiny had a different plan for him.

“I was affected by the acting bug quite early in my life. And started acting in my college life and I have even made a short film. I was also passionate about music and very enthusiastic in my student life as I used to sing a lot. But I guess the actor within me overtook the singer. And I am happy about it.”

How is the experience working with a veteran actor like Rinku Karmakar and comparatively new Sonal?

“I play a lot of pranks with Sonal and we are good friends. With Rinku mam I entertain her a lot. I sing and I dance on the set and at the same time learnt a lot of things from her.”