Posted on April 4, 2016 at 1:53 am

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#HealthCare: 5 early signs of Diabetes!

South Asians have a major issue with Diabetes and many of lost our love ones due to this serious illness. Many don’t even take these cautions seriously and with the new generation of South Asians going into the working world and getting married settling down or even having kids – it’s always good to ensure that we are also healthy at the same time and have a low risk of having Diabetes and becoming Diabetic. Personally, I have lost many family members due to this illness and many of my friends who have mothers and fathers are diagnosed with this illness. So why is it that we don’t take precautions for such a serious condition raised in many South Asians today? Are we not seeing the signs? Well here are a few tips to ensure that you know if you have it and if you have these early signs – then be sure to seek help or contacting your local doctor.

Increase in the urge to urinate

An average human urinates 4 to 7 times in a day, Diabetes causes you to urinate much often than the average, diabetes makes your body less efficient at breaking foods down into sugar, causing your body to have more sugar in the blood stream. Your body gets rid of the excess sugar in the body in the form of urine. If you are waking up in the night to visit the loo multiple times then this is one of the early signs of diabetes.
Excessive thirst even while sleeping
An increase in the blood sugar levels increases the urge to urinate more often. Which causes you to lose a lot of your body fluids and make you feel dehydrated.Drinking more water than usual and more often is also one of the early signs of diabetes.
Feeling Hungry even after meals
The body of the diabetic cannot use insulin properly to get the glucose into the cells of the body, hence your pancreas start to over produce insulin which increases the insulin levels in the blood. This increase in insulin levels in your blood stream send signal to your brain that you are hungry even after you have just had a heavy meal. Feeling hungry even after meals is one of the prominent early signs of diabetes.
Blurred vision
Blurred vision is a common sign of diabetes. when there is a spike in the blood glucose levels in the body, the excess glucose pulls out the fluids from tissues and cells. When this happens the lens of the eye which is a tissue also swells which alters its ability and causes blurry vision.
Numbness in feet and hands
A feeling of numbness in feet and hands is a common early sign of diabetes. The excess sugar in the blood starts to damage the nerve endings which causes numbness in feet and hands.
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