Posted on April 8, 2016 at 10:10 am

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Gudi Padwa wishes from your favorite stars!

Maharastrians all over the world are in full celebrations mode today as they celebrate the holiday of Gudi Padwa. Mumbai, being the hub for actors, is the perfect place to celebrate the holiday in a lavish manner. Check out how some of your favorite stars celebrated Gudi Padwa this year!

Prasad Barve

Prasad Barve : It’s the first day of our new year and for me it is special as I get to eat shrikhand and Aamras Puri, Potato Sabji and my favorite Waran Bhat what we know as Dal Rice with lots of ghee on it all made by mother and my wife. This year is more special as I am booking my new house. we consider it a best day to investnivest in something new. I have seen my mom preparing Gudi outside the window with bamboo stick, vessel , saree and decorating it by flowers. Gudi preparation is the most important part and tradition. The positive vibrations noe gets from family and home really makes one feel special in the festive mood.


Amruta Khavilkar : Basically it’s the start of our Marathi calendar and also our New Year. The Gudi that we put outside the door is a symbol of success, a sign of our raising standards of life, doing good in life. On this day I and my mother dress up in the typical Maharashtrian attire and do the pooja and prepare delicious food and sweets. Besides Shreekhand and Puri special kheer with dry fruits is prepared. It is one of the brightest day and gives very positive feeling.


Nehha Pendse : Gudi Padva is done to celebrate the victory of Ram over Ravan and is decorated as a mark of his victory and his comeback to Ayodhya. Its basically celebrating the good over bad. Shrikhand Puri is savored mainly amongst other sweets and that is relsihed. My father decorates the gudi personally and since childhood I am seeing it as a tradition at home. Its a very symbolic festival and gathering of the family is one of the best part.


Ashish Chowdhary: This April we all as a family are shifting into our new home. That is the most auspicious thing I could ask for. My wife Samita Bangargi (Sam) will be doing all the rituals fully and as far as ‘Hindu’ new year is concerned, I don’t look at the festival in that light at all, since I believe all religions are one. I still don’t understand why different religions have different new years. It only assists divide. I intend to buy some gold too for auspicious reasons. Post marriage I am used to gudi Padwa celebration and it is a very vibrant and positive feeling always. I would surely take my family for dinner or lunch depending upon my work schedules.


Himmanshoo Malhotra: Gudi Padwa is one of the major festivals celebrated by the people of Maharashtra. My wife Amruta Khanvilkar is Maharashtrian so she will be doing all the preparations.Last year I saw all the preparations done by her.She will be decorating house and Maharashtrian delicacies like basundi and puri are prepared in the house. I am a north Indian from Delhi but MUmbai si one cosmopolitan city where every festival is celebrated with lot of zeal. The way traditionally gudi is put into the Nariyal is exciting. This year I will gift a her a piece of jewellery. All women love jewellery. I will meet my maharastrian friends or atleast call and talk on phnoe wishing them happiness and success.

Krishna Gokani

Krishna Gokani: Gudi Padwa is the festival of hindus and Maharastrians. I a ma gujrati but I visit my Mahashtrian friend’s place to see the preparation of this festival.I love to eat Maharashtrian delicacies specially puran poli.So this year also I will be visiting my friend’s place to celebrate this festival. I would buy gold this year as it is considered very auspicious. Significance is that i feel very positive at this time and take important decisions too during this period. I am planning to buy a new mobile phone too on Gudi Padwa. I am from Mumbai only and live in Juhu. I have always seen Maharastrians celebrating it and I also developed the habit of celebrating it courtesy my friends. The season changes so does the atmosphere with this festival as it is considered a fresh beginning of a fresh year. I will make some rangoli and do pooja at home too.