Posted on April 8, 2016 at 1:55 pm

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“Getting positive feedback is always precious” – Aanushka Ramesh

Actress Aanushka Ramesh, who has recently debuted in Punjabi film called Canada De Flight, is celebration mode today. The actress is dually happy as she celebrates both her birthday and the success of her recently released film.

Aanushka Ramesh

The Punjabi feature has been appreciated by audiences of all ages and continues to do well at the box office. Talking more on that Aanushka says,

“This year my birthday is indeed special because I could see few hoardings of my film in the city and seeing myself in the hoardings is very unique and I am enjoying all the attention. The film has six principal characters and I am one of them. So people watching the film and seeing and loving my performance is a huge gift for me. That means I am noticed. The other day one of the senior journalist called me and congratulate me for my good performance and I was very excited and pleased. Getting positive feedback is always a very precious thing for an actor.”

Aanushka has a plan of cake cutting with her family and later on a grand party with her friends.