Posted on March 27, 2016 at 2:32 am

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Whatever I am today is because of television : Meghna Malik!

Actress Meghna Malik is best  known for her brave image of Ammaji on Naa Aana Iss Desh Laado but recently the versatile actress made a difference with her strong portrayal of Mandira Sikand in the film Zubaan which was directed by Mozez Singh. Talking about television Meghna says:
“I have been working for last 16 years on TV and whatever I am today it is because of television! I am happy and consider myself fortunate enough  that I have got variety of parts to play on TV!  I have mostly been offered roles which are lil more complex than one dimensional portrayals. Indian Cinema today is in a very interesting phase, in comparison to our TV which still is in a lazy phase and therefore you see mostly shows which are carbon copies. So how she prepare a role given to her?”
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“The first thing is the conviction so if you are convinced then you can convince the audience. Sometime you get very little time for the preparation of the role. Then what to do? As an actor you need to be inquisitive all the time and also innocently responsive to people around you.The wondering eyes of a child is the key. And that has become my habit as an actor. You start observing small small things. These are all natural processes of an actor. And you can always do your own home work when any role comes to you with your own efforts and initiative.”

Well done Meghna!