Posted on March 1, 2016 at 2:01 pm

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Vihaan to sacrifice his life for his family!

Sad news for Ravish Desai fans! Rumor has it that the dashing actor is set to quit Satrangi Sasural very soon! Yes, you’ve heard it right. Ravish who essays the role of Vihaan on the show is going to leave e show in coming weeks.

Ravish Desai

At current, the crew is filimging his death scene where Vihaan decides to sacrifice his life for his family. What’s more? It turns out the the person responsible for his death is his own biological mother Mayavini (Maninee De).

In a tussle to save the Mani which Mayavini is after, Vihaan will sacrifice his life for the well being of the Mani and his family.

What will become of the family once they lose Vihaan? What will happen to Kiara now? Keep watching Satrangi Sasural to find out!