Posted on March 26, 2016 at 4:25 am

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Jai Matt gives you ' Zinda Hai Dil' a romantic number!

We first discovered him a few months ago with his amazing remixes like Lean on Rangeela which personally one of my favorites! He’s back with another track and video which will make you fall in love all over again! Jai Matt is a U.S. talent who has made an international splash with his Bollywood mash-ups and now he’s taking his musical journey to the next level with his original single Zinda Hai Dil. The romantic number incorporates rich lyrics, live instruments, and a feel-good vibe!

While Zinda Hai Dil is the first taste of Jai Matt’s original work in the South Asian scene, it is not the first time in his career, nonetheless, it is a milestone for this artist. Jai Matt shares,

“My experience before the Asian scene consisted of creating originals; it is nice to be back in my creative zone with Zinda Hai Dil. I am particularly excited about this single because the Carnatic flavor of the flute melody, performed by Anand Vemuri, brings me one step closer to incorporating live elements into the electronic playground.”


Zinda Ha Dil is a creative collaboration between a slew of talents. Jai Matt is the lead vocalist as well as the English lyricist for the song while Arpit G brings us the Hindi hook. Nate and Dr. Srimix lay down the infectious production and everything is mastered for easy listening courtesy of WiiDope.




Zinda Hai DIl cover

This love song is brought to life with the video brilliance of GUYNEZ. Jai Matt is seen taking his crush on their first date with the historic U.S. city of Philadelphia as the backdrop. Their cute hide-and-seek game will make you smile and the two can’t seem to get enough of each other.

In 2015, Jai Matt stepped on to the Asian scene with a fresh take on the mash-up concept. His adaptation of mainstream American tracks and Bollywood hits caught people’s attention. Whether it was “Lean On Rangeela” which also sampled Imran Khan’s “Aaja Ve Mahiya” or “Where Are You Now” featuring Justin Bieber meets “Chand Sitare” from Hrithik Roshan’s film Kaho Na Pyar Hai, there is a melody or hook familiar for everyone.

Zinda Hai Dil is now available on iTunes and stay connected with Jai Matt to find out what he has in store for you next!