Posted on March 1, 2016 at 4:43 pm

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Interview: Ridhi Arora talks Fashion and Design!

We all love Fashion and we love getting ready going out and putting on those amazing heels which hurt our feet later on at night but still seem to rock the look! Well one designer loves dressing up ladies in evening gowns and much more! Not only does she do evening gowns but offers class, elegance and poise to look stunning and super classy at the same time!

Ridhi Arora  is a Delhi based fashion designer, a label that is an evening wear brand with styles ranging from cocktail dresses to elaborate bespoke gowns to jumpsuits and breath-taking anarkalis. The label offers glamour, elegance, poise and grace effortlessly making each creation a statement piece. Being the freshest talent in the Indian fashion scene and with a design philosophy that is distinctly feminine, Ridhi has mastered the art of couture and has continuously striven to keep up the spirit of innovation in this sphere. Over the past three years, with a steady approach towards work, she is now ready to venture out into a resort wear line of exclusive beadwork and is also looking forward at developing a line of Spring/Summer 2016.

With an amalgamation of drama, sophistication and style with an edge, Ridhi Arora lays strong emphasis on fabric, cut and color. The designs focus on shape and flattering silhouettes. The label caters to those who like to dress with a sense of occasion. The styles are for a self-determined woman who is elegant and embraces femininity in fashion. The garments are meticulously crafted and have a timeless appeal where old world charm is brought back with a bang!

What made you want to become a fashion designer?

This is an age of modernization and with all the upcoming brands and designers , I wanted to pursue this field as my career. I myself have a passion of dressing up well so why not help this world dress up well?

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

The favorite part of my being a fashion designer is basically my customers, I am a very customer oriented designer, when I see people dressing up or wearing my self – designed garments , I feel pride to find them liking my choice and styling . If they feel happy, I feel happy too.

What is your main inspiration behind your current collection?

My inspiration of my current collection is just to make a difference in the market . I like to take the road which is less travelled by and watch people implementing it too.

Can you tell us anything about any upcoming/future collections?

My upcoming collection is named as ‘SUMMER FROST’ . it is basically a concept of tie and dye merged with the best of fabrics and pastel shades giving out an elegant summerish look to the pretty includes- jumpsuits, maxi gowns, peplumtops,etc.

If you were to re-design a wardrobe for any past bollywood movie,
which one would it be and why?

The movie I would like to rectify the wardrobe for was queen stared by Kangana Ranaut. I would like to do it because of the storyline, her freedom that is shown in the movie does not match with the outfits she wore , they were really dull , I would have made them look more bright and quirky as she was new to the outside world.

If you had a choice to work with any designer in the world, who would
it be and why?

If I had to choose to work with a designer , it would be ‘ Tarun Tahiliani’. Firstly, he is also on the same road that is travelled very rarely, he makes a lot of experiments on his collection and also does not walk in the same queue with other designers for which I look up to him, secondly, his beautiful heavy handmade embroideries on the wedding collection , his plain yet stylishly stitched western wear, etc. makes me get truly inspired to grow as a sole designer and also to work with him. This is not enough to tell about this extraordinary personality, apart from designing, being a Wharton graduate , tarun has grown his business and brand presence in a holistic way. Except for an excellent designing he does, he has also diversified into areas like interiors, jewelery. Floral, etc which is very inspiring for me. Hence , he is am all round designer.