Posted on March 27, 2016 at 1:06 am

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#Interview: A music career of Nishad Shah that leads to success!

Nishad Shah is from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He is a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineer and Bachelor of Arts Music. Singing, composing lyrics, playing musical instruments is all a passion of his. He takes those talents and turns it into such a mesmerizing performance at college events, YouTube channel and many more events. He performs with his brother Aishwary Shah who is on the keyboard and a close friend Bhargav Gajjar who plays the guitar. The band “Hairat” has received much success, and we wish he pursues much more success in life with their wonderful talents reached.


Aishwary Shah, Nishad Shah, Bhargav Gajjar
Aishwary Shah, Nishad Shah, Bhargav Gajjar. 

1. When did you first started gaining interest in music?

Music is not a matter of interest in me. It is been pass to me by my forefathers and father and so it is in my blood. I started my music career by learning Indian Classical from my father. Gaining appreciation during my initial attempts in school performances encouraged me to pursue it further and provided internal peace, a peace which gives me happiness in a way that no other thing can.

2. What did your family do to encourage you?

Today whatever I am and wherever I am, it’s because of my family support. As I said, I belong from a background of music, so all family members are there to support me and always will be. My father always stands as a backbone of me. The surprising thing for me is that even at the age of 92 my grandfather advises me about my dressing and also he is excited for any of my events! My younger brother Aishwary is always with me, more excited than me for all my events and most importantly my friends encourage me and push me a lot to do more and more.



3. Who are your musical inspirations?

Sonu Nigam. Because he also had musical background and the way he has fulfilled his dreams by lot of hard work and dedication in music. Also his versatility inspired me.Another inspiration for me is Arijit Singh. He has the most beautiful and mesmerizing voice. As we all know he is one of the most demanded singer. And the height on which he is now he is all because of all the passion, patience and dedication he put to music. And of course A. R. Rehman sir from whom I get inspired to try different music and experiment in music.

4. The way everything was changed into a song of your own, how were the thoughts that went through your head?

I always think of making any song different and better than original. I also think on adding the surprising moments in the song. And when I think on making any song, I also keep in mind, what better I can add in the song, which will surprise the public.

During the making of “Samjhawan Cover”, the coincident that happened was, in the end of the song while recording, an instant thought came into my mind to take an interval (pause) and start the end part “Ve changa naiyo” which resulted surprising for me, as it was not decided before. And so may be it became surprising for you too. 😉 😉

5. Is there anyone special you sang this song for you’d like to or have dedicated to?

Whichever song I make, I dedicate it to some or the other person and they can be anyone from family, friend or some other. And whether I dedicate particularly to someone or not, undoubtedly it is always dedicated to my well-wishers.Let say for “Samjhawan”, I dedicated this song to those who want to express their love, because this song is pure expression of love.Same way, I dedicated “Chunar” song to all the mothers.

6. Do you enjoy writing music or lyrics?

For me there is nothing beyond music. Music is everything for me – my peace, my joy, my pride, etc. I love to write music/lyrics and there is no other better way to express my feelings ☺


7. Favorite food?

I m mad for Mom made food specially paav bhaji, then I like Pizza and gujarati food 😉 i m very foodie but i ignore that kind of food which are harmful for voice.

8. How did you get started?

I have done my bachelor in mechanical engineering. I never took music too professionally before. But the day I started getting appreciation and inner peace after my performances as I said before, I slowly started doing more n more in it and was like eager to perform anywhere. And this is how my brother and my friends of course made a band cum team “HAIRAT” 3 years ago. Then we started making cover songs and we have our own compositions too. This is how we found different ways to reach people through music.

9. What do you think about when you’re performing?

When I am performing I try to make those moments special and memorable for lifetime for me as well as audience. Also whether I go for performing anywhere for first time, I believe that they all know me and they all are mine, and this belief help me making them feel comfortable with me.This is how I enjoy song with them, sing with them, and entertain them. I also look after what kind of crowd is and accordingly my sequence goes. Only performing is not what I think about.

10. Do you get nervous before a performance or competition?

Whenever I do something new, or I have to perform somewhere, or there is any competition, there is nervousness but I don’t show. Rather than being nervous I think of my responsibilities and rocking the show, the audience. Because I believe that audience is mine and they are spending their valuable time, so why not to make a memorable performance for lifetime for both the end. My this confidence helps me in covering my nervousness. And after so many experiences there is no question of nervousness. 🙂

11. How do you balance your music with other obligations?

As I said before, my family, my friends and everyone connected to me supports me truly in music so I don’t face much obligation. But yes, when I recorded “Samjhawan”, I was doing job. After whole day of job, my nights were spent in studio. But the best thing about music is no matter how much tired or mood less I am, I get fresh when I sit with Guitar and Harmonium☺I face obligation but music helps me balancing it.

12. How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

During performance one becomes center of attraction, so If any mistake is made, do not consider it as a mistake, think about instant way to hide it in micro seconds without reacting. Be planned like if such thing happens what can be done on the spot, because anything can happen any time. But still we try our best not to do such things by our experiences. Experience teaches everything.

Our team wishes you much success and happiness in your life. May this talent of yours lead to further success and we look forward to listening to more of your work this year!