Posted on March 1, 2016 at 1:10 pm

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Injury on the sets of Tamanna!

The cast and crew of Star Plus’ Tamanna have an inherent sportsman spirit which is readily visible on screen. The vision of a never say never girl is brought to life by a visionary director Waseem Sabir who recently displayed his inherent sportsman spirit.

Waseem Sabir suffered an injury on the sets of Tamanna while overseeing a rehersal earlier today. In a particular scene where Dharaa is teaching the neighbor’s children how to play cricket, Waseem was standing by analyzing the shot before the take. As Anuja Sathe (Dharaa) swung the bat, she missed the ball and ended up swinging into Waseem’s elbow which caused a swelling.

Despite the injury, Waseem continued to film the scene and the shot turned out beautiful. As they say the show must go on and who better to lead the ship than the captain himself. Kudos Waseem!