Posted on March 26, 2016 at 5:48 pm

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7 prominent singers come together for Vinay Jaiswal's unity song for India!

This year’s Holi saw an unusual initiative from Paytm and The Moody Nation, make waves on the day – a short musical Deewaren, also a song of unity sung by seven singers – Sukhwinder Singh, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Javed Ali, Suraj Jagan, Ash King and Jonita Gandhi. All this was achieved by Vinay Jaiswal, partner at The Moody Nation.


Commenting on the reason behind getting seven singers for his musical album, he said,

“When seven colors meet it becomes white – the color of harmony, peace and spiritualism. So, the idea to get seven singers was to not only bring in seven stars, but seven singing styles together to create one color (styles and craft). I am the lyricist, music composer and video director of the song.”


Describing his experience of working with seven singers as awesome, he adds,

“I got in touch with a lot of singers and almost each and every one was keen to be a part of this project. However a lot of them were traveling for their concerts and the time was short. It was both difficult and easy. The singers of our country are not only great singers, but also have a heart of gold.They are ready to stand together and collaborate for anything that’s noble to help the people of this country.”


Talking about what led to him making Deewaren after making a first-date album and short films, Jaiswal says,

“After exploring short films like Father’s Day, Jai Hind, The Homecoming and a musical short with ‘First Date, Anshul Sushil (my partner in crime) and me were jamming ideas for Holi. It struck me that I’ve seeing stuff on tolerance on Facebook , newspaper and TV, so I though of expressing my thoughts on it and that’s how Deewaren was born.It’s what we need in the present scenario – as a family and a country, we need to stop pointing fingers at each other most of which are politically motivated. That would start happening if we underline the thought in our head and hearts . Deewaren is that call to each and every Indian – in India and abroad – to come together and embrace each other with love.”



So what’s next for Jaiswal?


“Well, I am a storyteller and want to express my stories in a simple manner like I have done in the past. My objective of making films is that I want my expressions to resonate with the hearts and minds of the people of this universe. If I impact their life even a bit, I am a happy man, a happy artist and the happiest storyteller. ?” he says.