Posted on February 29, 2016 at 5:45 pm

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Actors arrive at a screening of 'Sexoholic'

What an interesting name? We think at least. Never one to waste time, Shailendra Singh is poised to release his second short film in a matter of a week. The film, titled Sexoholic, is a gripping tale of the fine line between having a healthy desire for physical intimacy, and having an addiction to sex.

Shama Sikander, Shailendra Singh and Vishal Karwal


Recently, Shailendra Singh, Shama Sikander and Vishal Karwal were spotted at the special screening of their short film ‘Sexoholic’ The film stars Shama Sikander – Yeh Meri Life Hai and Mann (with Aamir Khan) – in a highly emotional performance as the lead protagonist. A married woman, Shama’s character embarks upon a road of sexual self-discovery, not knowing just how far it might take her. Her husband in the film, played by debut actor, Vishal Kharwal, has his own opinions on just what his wife’s actions mean. 17 other actors share the screen in this film. That’s quite a lot of actors to keep up with!



Shailendra Singh’s shift from prolific Producer, to Writer and Director. In partnership with Culture Machine, they launched the Shailendra Singh YouTube channel and released the short film, titled Rape. Rape dealt with the delicacy of consensual and non-consensual sex, again leaving the viewer to decide what it is they felt happened.