Posted on January 26, 2016 at 6:51 pm

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Twins aka 2Deep tell you to 'Move On'

At Urban Asian we are all about supporting young and upcoming fresh talent. The generation is changing and music is evolving and bands are being created and well even twins are even joining in on the world of Urban Music! As I received this in my inbox this morning I thought this is quite different – twin brothers who grew up in Canada pursing a dream they wanted to do when they were little. Have to check the music and video out!

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Canadian born identical-twin brothers, Sundeep and Mandeep Rai,25 years old, of Punjabi descent, grew up loving music. Since the tender age of 5, all that their memories entail are those of dreams of being vocalists, entertainers, performers, dancers: musicians over all. The twins had a knack for music from the get go, constantly being the jumpy-dancy kids at all of the Punjabi functions, to performing and winning their elementary and junior high school talent shows from the ages of 13-16.

We always had an absolute passion for music. It’s no doubt to us, that there is no career field in this universe that would satisfy our dreams and give us a sense of accomplishment more than pursuing our ever-flaring dream for taking music into a full-time career.


The twins, growing up in Winnipeg, Canada, known around the entire country as being a city reputed for its tough way of life, and trouble that can very easily find youths, always knew they wanted to make music for the world, but didn’t always have the right priorities in mind. Growing up in a city that was infested with gangs, acts of violence, and an ever-growing “status-quo” of being the tough guy on the street, the twins definitely learned many, valuable life lessons through making right decisions, and more-so making some wrong decisions in their lives.


“Our past isn’t something we hide from. We wear our past with pride. It doesn’t define us. Rather, it helps people understand how we are who we are, with the values and morals we stand by in life, today. Our past, like any teen growing up in a city known for its negative influences, is one of lessons learned through making the wrong decisions. We learned the hard way. Through our teens we always wanted to impress those older than us, we were eager to make lots of money to “chase this dream” and that got blurred by the ever false promises that come with the lifestyle of fast money, disregard for law, and a lack of respect for those who didn’t show us respect first”, says Sundeep Rai, the older twin by 9 minutes.


It’s a big deal if you are a twin! Trust me I know we have Urban Asian Partners who are twins!


Our priorities weren’t straight. We hadn’t found ourselves. We were trying to impress the wrong people. What we should’ve done, is only cared to impress ourselves. says his twin brother, Mandeep.

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“Through some of the wrong decisions, we’ve had some run ins with the law, we’ve been through this, been through that, but this isn’t about our past. We wanted to shed light on the past just so you can understand the direction of where we are going in life today, and why we preach to people to follow their dreams no matter what the odds, not anyone else’s dream. Just your dreams. Only yours.”


Says the brother again.


“The past shaped us morally, mentally, emotionally, ambitiously, and set our goals into place harder than you can ever imagine. The world one day will know of our story. Oh boy, do we have a story to tell. I can easily fill up 10 albums with lyrics based on real life situations. From betrayal, to love, to heartbreak, to complete happiness, to times of self-doubt, to scenarios in life of finding yourself, the list goes on. We know we haven’t lived a life as hard as many people in this world do, but we definitely have lived enough for a world full of people to relate to through our music. We just want our music to be heard, so that people can realize our story, and maybe learn our life lessons that we have learned, without having to sometimes only be given the option of learning the hard way, or the harder way” says Sundeep.

All past aside, today is a new day. The world is changing. Music is changing. People are changing. The times are more exciting than ever. Furthermore, so are the lives of the Rai brothers. As many have a story to tell these brothers have quite a few to pen down.  Speak your mind and pen them down and turn them into a song, you never know where it might reach and who might have the same story.

Their debut single, entitled 2DEEP – ‘Move On’, written entirely by the twins in a span of about 30 minutes, produced by a fellow Gujarati producer named Vinay who also hails from Canada, but from the West coast, Vancouver more specifically, to them is the perfect introduction to the world. The official debut video, is shot and chopped (edited) by Canada’s highly in-demand ZacFacts who has worked with the likes of some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Snoop Dogg, MGK, Raekwon of legendary rap group Wu-Tang, Slick Rick and current Canadian phenomenon Tory Lanez. The video is a  product the twins wish to push to the masses.


“We can see our video and song on rotation on any station, in any country, anywhere on this planet, simply because its one of those jams that, just makes you feel good.” – Sundeep Rai

The first time I heard the beat, it was an immediate rush to all of my senses. A sort of “high” given by the music I was hearing in my head associating with the beat that Vinay had so masterfully made.

“This is just a warm up; an introduction; a handshake from 2DEEP to the world. Musically, we wanted to release something that was current sounding with our absolutely uniqueness on there. We have went through roughly 38 mixes for the vocals, and 10 mixes for the master to get the sonic of the song file to where we essentially needed it to be. It was worth the long hours, and tedious work as we are completely proud of the end result and couldn’t have pictured our video or song to look or sound better than it currently does. We didn’t want to give all of us away in a 4 minute visual, or a 4 minute audio clip. This is our handshake to the world. To us, its enough to receive a polite handshake back. “ says Sundeep Rai

All in the meanwhile, trying their absolute hardest to get Move On to the masses. As it deserves to be. A storm is brewing! We see it in the horizon with the release of “Move On”.

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