Posted on January 30, 2016 at 6:02 am

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Rishi Rich feat. Master Saleem in Ik Tera Pyar!

Fans of the hugely talented producer Rishi Rich should get themselves together for this exciting news! The very first single from his high anticipated new album, simply entitled Music is here!


Ik Tera Pyar is a catchy track which released on January 28. It features the popular B-town playback Punjabi artists Master SaleemRishi’s inimitable fusion sound combines contemporary drum beats with iconic vocals of the iconic singer. This upbeat party anthem sets the bar high for all the hallmarks of Rishi Rich hits!

Rishi has voices,

I’ve been a huge fan of Master Saleem for years and it was a great privilege to create this track with him. I wanted to create a song that complemented his stunning vocals and showed that contemporary and classic styles can work seamlessly together.

Music which comes ten years after Rishi Rich’s album The Project has been a true labor of love. It features collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry including: Shazia Manzoor, alongside Don Dee, Juggy D, Miss Pooja, Hunterz, Ishers, H-Dhami, Navin Kundra, Amrit Dasu, Ray-J, Sayhba, Veronica, Rush Toor, Usman Rehman, Soloman, Kiran Dhanoa, and some more surprise collabs coming soon!

Rishi adds,

The new album has been a huge collective effort with so many talented artists, some well known, and some other exciting new talent which we wanted to showcase. The reason it’s taken a while to release is that I wanted to give each artist and each track the respect and creative attention that they deserve.

All the track will include smooth tones of R&B with rhythmic vocals of hip-hop, traditional Sufi, Bollywood or Bhangra depending on the artists musical core style.

Rishi concludes saying,

Having the freedom to express my creativity has enabled me to produce some of the best work of my career. I’d like to dedicate the album to my loyal fans who have supported me throughout my career and waited such a long time for the album. It’s truly special to me and I hope they will love it.

Ik Tera Pyar is currently available on all digital platforms including iTunes! Check out the track now!