Posted on January 29, 2016 at 2:44 am

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"I try new things in life." – Nandish Sandhu

Television actor Nandish Sandhu has a new role this year in BCL season 2. The Uttaran actor is the new co-owner of Ahmedabad Express along with actor Mrunal Jain. Talking about his responsibility he says,

“I think being a team owner it is a big responsibility.Till now I have worked as an actor but now I understand how to handle so many actors in my team. Co-ordination with the co actors is the main thing. All the players in the team really look up to me so I need to set an example in front of them.”

Nandish Sandhu

Nandish also adds

,”My vision is clear. There will be no abusing and fighting in the tournament which happened last year, but we will create a lot of entertainment for the viewers.Team Ahmedabad Express has an unique name and the credit goes to our prime minister Narendra Modi. After he won the election and became PM this name has been kept,it signifies speed.”

So how much does Nandish love cricket?

“A lot. I used to bunk my exams in school and for that I got a lot of scolding from my dad.”

When asked how he juggles cricket, acting, personal life, hobbies, Nandish answered,

“Multi-tasking is a way of life for me.There are so many things that I do together. Apart from acting,I am a photographer,I have learned dancing and now have my very own cricket team. I was also running my restaurant last year.I love doing new things.I don’t stick to one thing and I try new things in life.”

Whoa, those are a lot of feathers to carry on one cap!