Posted on November 8, 2015 at 11:21 pm

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Tips from a celebrity hairstylist on how to look like your favorite Bollywood stars!

Celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo has gotten his hands on the tresses of some of Bollywood’s most famous beauties. Here, he gives Urban Asian exclusive tips on how to achieve the look of your favorite onscreen siren!

Aishwarya Rai’s Blowout


This is a classic style suited to everyone that is sure to make you feel luxurious. First, divide your hair into sections and apply a heat protecting spray or serum, which will leave your hair feeling silky and soft. Always blow dry your roots first, which is essential for achieving a voluminous look. The type of blowout you want will depend on your haircut: if your hair is all one length, a sleek blow dry might suit you best, and if you have a cut with lots of layers, consider adding a few bounces and curls towards the end to show your layers off. Always work in small sections, preferably two-inch sections, to give your blowout the salon look. Also make sure that the nozzle of the blowdryer is pointed downwards and that it isn’t too close to your hair, to avoid any flyaway strands or a frizzy look. This hairstyle is surprisingly easy to maintain, so long as you fix it with hairspray and use your favorite oil or serum to smooth the ends and refresh the look.

Katrina’s Loose Curls

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This is one of Bollywood’s most romantic looks, and can often be seen in iconic song-and-dance routines of some of the industry’s biggest films. It’s the perfect look for women with medium to long hair. You can ramp up the glam factor by parting your hair on the side or teasing the hair with a small comb for extra volume. Starting with rollers, fix the crown of your head and then use straightening irons or a curling wand for the rest of the head, deciding the size of the curls according to the length and thickness of your hair. Add some hairspray at the end to make sure that your curls last longer and don’t fall out.

Deepika Padukone’s Side Braid

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This classic hairstyle can be worn with something casual to give your look a unique twist. This particular braid often needs practice to master, but it’s certainly worth it! Part your hair in the middle or the side, depending on your face shape and your own personal preference. Take all your hair to one side and carefully braid it. If you want the braid to look more elaborate and intricate, try the fishtail braid or the Chinese staircase braid. For a more classic look, a French braid will look timeless and chic. This looks the best on hair that doesn’t have too many layers, so don’t be afraid to use bobby pins to fix in place.

Priyanka’s Messy Bun

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Bollywood starlets bring a glamorous twist to this universally loved style! The more volume you have, the better this hairstyle will look; you can purchase a synthetic hair ‘doughnut’ at the drugstore to supplement your own volume. Another tip: if you flip your hair upside down and then stand up straight again, you will instantly create more volume and give the illusion of extra thickness. You should also apply some mousse towards the end and tease your hair with a comb at the crown in short, small motions – this is very important for creating a style which will hold. Flip your hair upside down again, gather all of it, and tie it up at the top of your head. Any flyaway hair or loose strands you have will add to the look, so there’s no need to smooth these over. For a different take on this look, try a half burn; simply do this same style, this time using only the hair on the top of your head. This style could work for an evening event but also looks great with a casual pair of jeans since it feels effortless and adds glam to any look. A jewel can be clipped at the back to make it look more intricate, or a flower can make a great summer accessory.